Chelle services the local Raleigh area.  Some people are in search of a healthy alternative and will travel to from all over.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to try her organic hair color.  Chelle will do everything she can to accommodate your preference for a convenient appointment time.   



These prices are “starting at” prices

Pricing will vary considering your hair’s length, density and integrity

Complimentary consultations are available however are not necessary



Includes a shampoo and conditioner followed with a blow dry

Woman’s Haircut                                   $47

Men’s Haircut                                         $28

Kids Haircut (12 years or younger)    $25



All Over Color 1st Time                                $95

Partial Hilites 1st Time                                 $95

1st Time Full Hilites                                      $150

Base Color  Retouch                                      $75

Partial Hilites w/Base Color Retouch        $85

Full Hilites w/Base Color Retouch            $150

Partial Hilites Retouch                                  $85

Full Hilites Retouch                                       $135


Special Technique Coloring

Balayage                                                           $150

Ombre                                                               $150

Color Correction                                             $150


Keratin Smoothing Treatments –  Keratin Smoothing Treatment with Collagen reduces curl and frizz which will minimize your blow dry styling time. Keratin is the primary protein of the hair, skin and nails.  This treatment fortifies and replenishes your hair.  It is a frizz eliminator, defending your hair against humidity.  Repairs split ends, hydrates and conditions dry damaged hair while the infused collagen restores the hair’s elasticity.  Results are visible immediately. There is a four day period that you do not shampoo.  It is best to schedule this treatment around any activities that may require you to have freshly shampooed hair. 



Organic Perms –  The organic perms work brilliantly for all perming and relaxing techniques.  It is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair, as it naturally conditions and moisturizes hair during the process.  The ingredients are gentler than traditional perms so hair is not damaged.  It is 100% ammonia-free and 100% thioglycolate-free.  There is a 72 hour waiting period prior to your first shampoo.

Straight Perm                                                 $150

Curly Perm                                                      $125


Please Note….

  • A moisture or protein treatment may be necessary prior to a service. This treatment will insure your hair’s integrity and better results.
  • The hair care products sold in the salon are safe for all of the above services.