Certified Organic Hair Colorist

Certified Organic Hair Colorist

The Certified Organic Hair Colorist (COH) program has been created by Organic Colour Systems along with industry leaders and educators.  This certification is based on competencies in areas of theory and techniques.  certified-organic-haircolorist[1]These professionals are known for their dedication. 

A Certified Organic Hair Colorist is not just a beautician or hairdresser.  They are trusted advisers who guide you to achieve the right style and color.  These caring professionals are dedicated to the beauty, health and well-being of everyone. 

The mission for this program is to promote safer, healthier and ethical beauty treatments, services, and products.  A Certified Organic Hair Colorist is required to maintains high standards for education, certification, and maintenance of certification.

Organic Colour Systems

By minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and maximizing high performance ingredients, quality hair products are available for services.  This allows professional hairstylists access to a healthier environment and salon services.  Most noteworthy is the safer products created by Organic Colour Systems.  This company:

  • Offers products that nurture the beauty, dignity, health, and well-being of all
  • Maintains the integrity of the hair
  • Distributes products that are healthy and high performing
  • Recognizes the best way to grow business is to educate clients
  • Fully discloses of all the product ingredients
  • Only sells their products to professional hairstylists
  • Has an ethical environmental policy
  • Never tests any of their products on animals
  • OCS trains the professional and provides information to the industry 
  • Provides world-class services and products

Organic Colour Systems is the world’s only hair color is:

  • Salon Exclusive 
  • Ammonia Free                                                                                             130x130xthumbs_ocs_logo_org-rainbow.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KIoELLzTLx
  • 100% Resistant Grey Coverage
  • Exclusive Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Certified Vegan
  • Cruelty-free by PETA
  • Rich with Nutrients, Antioxidants, Vitamins, & Amino Acids

A Certified Organic Hair Colorist is able to deliver unsurpassed results having this comprehensive system.  This is what makes the difference for everyone.