Healthy Hair

Weather it is color or smoothing you are looking for, Chelle wants you to have healthy hair!

Healthy Hair Services

Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Keratin TreatmentLaBrasiliana is the keratin smoothing treatment that Chelle prefers.  This smoothing treatment creates instant manageability with shine and less frizz.  Keratin is the dominant protein in hair.  It is used to strengthen and to provide incredible shine.  Collagen increases the hair’s elasticity.  It eliminates frizz and creates a barrier against humidity.  These ingredients work together to repair split ends, calm unruly curl and provide instant manageability.  Your hair will be shiny and easy to manage. 

This treatment lasts up to four months, considering how often you shampoo, the texture of your hair and the amount of curl.  This treatment dramatically decreases your blow dry styling time.   The keratin smoothing treatment replenishes the hair without changing the molecular structure.   Relaxers and Japanese straighteners change the molecular structure of the hair.   The hair care products for at home care must be sodium free.  There is a four day waiting period for your first shampoo. 


Organic Hair Color system

Organic Hair Color

Organic Colour Systems makes the products that Chelle uses for color and care.  These products are made with the minimum amount of chemicals and the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients.  This nourishing product protects the hair during a color service.   

The color is 100% ammonia-free.  There are no harsh fumes to irritate the eyes or lungs.  There is no corrosive damage to the hair or scalp.  You will have naturally healthy hair with longer-lasting color.  The hair’s essential protein and moisture balance remains.  The many benefits include:

  •  100% grey coverage
  • fade resistant color
  • incredible shine and vibrancy
  •  no scalp staining or irritation
  • paraben, plastic and fragrance free
  • no animal product and no animal testing
  • great for all hair types
  • a healthy alternative

    You will have the happiest and healthiest hair ever!