Healthy Hair

Chelle’s primary focus is on healthy hair!

Keratin Smoothing Treatments ☆


Keratin TreatmentFor healthier, softer hair with incredible shine and manageability…

Chelle’s preferred keratin and collagen product brand is the “La’Brasiliana”.  Keratin (the dominant protein of which hair is made) is to strengthen the hair and provide incredible shine.  Collagen will increase elasticity, eliminate frizz and create a barrier against humidity.  These ingredients work together to repair split ends, calm unruly curl and provide instant manageability, therefor giving you healthy hair.  The results last 2-4 months considering how often you shampoo, the texture of your hair and the amount of curl you have.  This smoothing treatment will dramatically decrease your blow dry styling time, while giving you instant manageability.   Unlike Relaxers or Japanese Straighteners, this Keratin with Collagen Treatment replenishes the hair without changing the molecular structure of the hair.  The hair care products recommended must be sodium free and there is a four day waiting period prior to your first shampoo.  Spring is an great time to have this treatment so that your summer style is amazingly manageable!


Organic Hair Color system

Organic Colour Systems


Organic Colour System is a unique permanent hair color made with the minimum amount of chemicals and the maximum amount of Certified Organic ingredients that help protect and nourish your hair during a color service.     Being 100% ammonia free, there are no harsh fumes to irritate the eyes or lungs, and there is no corrosive damage to the hair or scalp for naturally healthier hair with longer-lasting color.  By using fewer chemicals and no ammonia Organic Colour Systems maintains the hair’s essential protein and moisture balance.  The many benefits include 100% grey coverage, fade resistant color, incredible shine and vibrancy, no scalp staining or irritation, paraben and plastic free, no animal product and not animal tested, great for all hair types, and a healthy hair alternative.  Your happiest, healthiest, colored hair ever!