Buy New Brushes

When did you last think about it being time to buy new brushes?  In my opinion it is best to throw out your brushes every two years.  Do you remember the last time you bought a new brush?  If not, then it is definitely time!


Time To Buy New Brush

When was the last time you washed your brushes?  Did you use soap and water?  Do you need to clean out all of the hair?  Take out all of your brushes and look at the bristles.  Are they different lengths?  The teeth should be the same length.  Do they look to be missing some of the teeth?  Most of us do not think about buying new hair brushes.  It is a good idea to at least wash our brush every month.  We really need to throw away our brush every year or two.  Really depends on how much we use each brush and how often we wash them out.


Try to start taking note of when you was out your hair brushes.  Make a point to buy new brushes at least every two years.  The debris from dead skin, air pollutants and hair products can create a dirty and ineffective hair brush.


Status Quo “Protect”

Summer time is time for the beach and the pool.  Try using Status Quo “Protect” to keep your hair soft and supple.  An easy to use spray leave in conditioner that is great in every beach bag.


Status Quo “Protect”

One of the Control products by Organic Colour Systems is Status Quo.  This group of products is designed to maintain healthy hair.  Gentle enough to use everyday.  Improves color retention.  Status Quo uses certified organic chamomile, comfrey and vitamin B6 to maintain your hair’s natural balance, shine and condition.  “Protect” Leave-In Conditioner protects hair from the drying and damaging effects of sunlight, seawater, chlorine and the environment.  Good for places with high humidity or pollution levels.  Great for using before sunbathing or swimming.  Helps protect your hair from UV irradiation.



My Keratin Smoothing Treatment

I was attempting to let my natural curl come back.  The frizz and bumpy waves are too much!  Let me share my keratin smoothing treatment story with you…


My Keratin Smoothing Treatment

I have been doing a keratin smoothing treatment on my hair for eight years.  Thinking that I should embrace my natural curl and not do a treatment.  February 2017 was my last one, until today!  Trying to just blow dry wasn’t working.  Then trying many different styling products, still didn’t do the trick.  Today was it!  Keratin smoothing treatment applied and I am loving it!!!!

Clarifying shampoo and Power Build shampoo.  Power Build treatment for ten minutes, rinse and towel dry.  Apply LaBrasiliana Keratin Smoothing Treatment, blow dry and flat iron.  Absolutely love it!  I now know that I can blow dry and not have to think about the frizz and the bumpy waves at the back of my head.

Continue with a haircut removing three inches from my length.  This makes my hair look thicker at the bottom.  I seriously doubt I will go without a smoothing treatment again.  Maybe next time I will try an organic perm to smooth and straighten my crazy hair.


Thank you to all my friends and clients that have been waiting this out with me.  I would never ask you to go through this.  My suggestion to you would be to either do the organic perm or the keratin smoothing treatment.




















Healthy Hair

Color, Cut, Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This guest got the works today…color, cut, keratin smoothing treatment.  It has been since January for her keratin smoothing treatment and was May for her color and cut.  She can ride the Summer out with beautiful and easy to style hair.  A hat for her outdoor activities has been recommended to avoid fadage of the lowlights.


Color, Cut, Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This guest has decided that she would like to see some dimension in her color.  She no longer wants to just see just the blonde.  I began with a partial foil highlight and lowlight.  Powder lightener for the highlights and 7go + 7cr for the lowlights.  The lowlights are brighter than normal because when I use the flat iron for the keratin smoothing treatment they will lighten a bit.  It is convenient to do all of these services at one salon appointment.  Process under a warm hood dryer for fifteen minutes.  Rinse and shampoo using Aqua Boost by Organic Colour Systems.  No conditioner since I am immediately going to do a keratin treatment.


Towel dry and section off into four sections.  Beginning at the nape, apply LaBrasilian Keratin Smoothing treatment until completed at the top of the head.  Blow dry completely moving the hair in every direction.  This distributes the keratin product.  Section off into four sections and begin again at the nape with a 450* flat iron.  Flat iron the entire head taking quarter to half inch sections.

Haircut is to remove the ends only.  She is letting the layers grow out and likes the length.   There is a four day waiting period for her first shampoo.  Once she shampoos she will be using sodium free shampoo.  All of the styling products and hairspray will be sodium free also.  Her cut, color, keratin smoothing treatment will last her until Fall.


Call (919)427-9582 today for your keratin smoothing treatment and an easy to style way to finish the Summer.



Intentionally Going Grey

There are times that women are intentionally going grey.  This mother of two is going to stop working and go back to college.  She has asked me to help her transition from all over color to her natural salt and pepper color.   The first step is to begin foiling in hair color so that her natural salt and pepper starts to show.  We will gradually do fewer foils.   After about six to eight months of this, we will not do any color at all.

Intentionally Going Grey

This guest has decided that she will not be coloring her hair in about eight months.  I suggest to her that we transition to her natural salt and pepper by doing a major haircut the first time.  I cut off five or six inches ten weeks ago and did a partial foil highlight.  This is the third visit we have been doing foils instead of all over color.  Today I reduced the amount of foils by half.  The formula is powder lightener + 20 volume and 7n + 7cr + 20 volume.   Her haircut is a couple of inches and this time, I layered it.  This really eliminated the all over color from the perimeter.

We scheduled her next appointment for eleven weeks.  I imagine that in three months we will no longer do color.  She has embraced her grey. 



Old Henna Color to New Organic Color Ombre

From old henna color to new organic color ombre takes some tender loving care!  New to the Raleigh area, this client wants to change her whole look and no longer use henna color.  She wants her base color to be the same level as her natural.  The ombre color she wants to be gold and blended.

Old Henna Color to New Organic Color Ombre Procedure

I begin several treatments which will allow me to do another color process and not damage or break the hair.  Clarifying shampoo twice and leave the second application on for five minutes.  Shampoo with Aqua Boost twice and leave the second application on for five minutes.  Apply Power Build Revamp for protein and leave on for fifteen minutes.  Rinse and towel dry. 

The new organic color is next. We are looking to cover grey and diminish red from the henna.   Formula is 6% developer + 5 + 4mo + DXAH to drab the red tones.   She will process under a warm hood dryer for twenty minutes and cool for fifteen minutes.  Emulsify and shampoo the color out.  Trim an inch and blow dry 80%.

Starting at the nape area I take medium sections.  I will backcomb each section and leave a small amount of hair to be lightened for the ombre.  Do this throughout the head adding  a few tiny foils in random areas at the top of the head.  There is no heat to process.   A level 7 gold tone is the desired undertone. Rinse, shampoo and again treat with Power Build Revamp to replace the protein.  Detangle the backcombing and rinse.  Towel dry and tone with 3% developer + 8ca and 7gd.   Process five to seven minutes at the shampoo basin.  Rinse, shampoo and condition with Power Build.  Conditioner remains for five minutes to bring the hair back to its natural PH.

Blow dry, style and flat iron some waves at the ends.  Old henna color to new organic color ombre looks amazing and she loves it!   


Brighten Up

This is a beautiful and easy way to brighten up a partial foil.  It is summer so time to go bright while keeping it looking as natural as possible. 

Brighten Up Procedure

Clarifying shampoo is to scoop out any product build up, environmental debris and natural oils.  Shampoo with Aqua Boost and then treat with Aqua Boost Treatment at the shampoo basin.  Formulate Naturlite White with 6% cream developer and 11hs with 12% developer.  Fine foils through the temple and top of the head areas.  Process for 30 minutes at room temperature.  Remove the foils and rinse thoroughly.  Shampoo and condition with Aqua Boost.

Towel dry and detangle using Status Quo Protect Leave-In.  This is a great product to protect against UV rays and humidity.  Cut three inches from the length apply Shine and blow dry style.   Remove bulk once the hair is dry.

I usually only foil in the lighter blonde formula.  The two formulas create a warm blonde and a pale blonde.  This makes it appear lighter and brighter.  Dimension is created using the two formulas.  Her next appointment will be in ten weeks and I will only do a retouch with the lighter formula.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


4th of July Hair

This weekend many will be celebrating Independence Day.  4th of July hair do’s are the talk of the day.  Appointments all day for the people who stayed local.  Sizzle and pizazz the whole time!

4th of July Hair

One of my guests today is preparing for the family beach vacation that starts next week.  She is in the salon every ten to twelve weeks.  Today I gave her color a bit of a blonde boost.  Clarifying shampoo and treat with Organic Colour Systems Power Build “Revamp” and “Treatment” over that at the shampoo basin.  Mix one half scoop of Naturlite white with two ounces of 6% developer.  Baby fine foils in a partial highlight.  Every third foil I would pull the lightener through two thirds of the length.  Process for thirty minutes with no heat.  Shampoo twice with Status Quo Sliver Shampoo. Condition with Power Build Conditioner. 

Towel dry and apply Status Quo “Protect Leave-In” to detangle.  Trim a little over an inch and remove some bulk.  Apply “Shine” to the midshaft and ends.  The “Protect” creates a barrier for humidity and protecting from UV rays.  “Shine” gives a bit of slip for ease when blow drying.  “Shine” also prevents frizz and fly away hair.



Long Going Short

There are many women with long hair that are coming in and asking me to cut it off…long going short!  It is Summer and time for new short do’s.  Long bobs are very popular right now.  I feel this is an easy haircut to be stylish without a lot of fuss.  Allowing active women the option to wear their hair up and not having to keep hair long or one length.  A style that grows out nicely and keeps it shape well.

Long Going Short

My guest does not have color treated hair. Her hair is in good condition and I see no reason to consider doing any specific type of treatment.  Shampoo and condition with Aquage.  Detangle using Moisture Mist by Biomega.  We have discussed the desired length and the possibility of wearing it up if she chooses.  I will take it the length off of her shoulders and give a strong angle going forward.  This allows her the option to wear it partially up now.   As her haircut grows out she will be able to wear it all up.   Apply Uplifting Foam by Aquage  prior to blow dry styling.  Remove bulk from the back and not the front.  Leaving the weight in the front will help to prevent flipping.


Bob haircuts are especially cute when curled.   Styling products are available to give a naturally tossed or beachy look. These tossed or beachy looks are also very popular and easy to do.  There are many options to create different looks when haircuts are long going short.



Organic Straight Perm

I am doing an organic straight perm for a new guest.  She wants to use an organic product instead of a keratin smoothing treatment. 

Organic Straight Perm

Clarifying shampoo and an Aqua Boost Treatment at the shampoo basin.   Gathering the necessary items while the treatment is on her hair.  The procedure will require using two perms due to the density and length of her hair.  Rinse the treatment and apply Aqua Boost Leave-In Conditioner to the skin along with cotton for protection.  Detangle and drape with extra towels and plastic to wrap her hair.  Apply the first perm with 30 ml of Activator.  Comb through with a wide tooth comb.  Continue with the second perm also with 30 ml of Activator.  Comb through and place the plastic over her hair.  I use low heat from a blow dryer to encourage warmth without a hood dryer.  Place a towel over the plastic and comb the hair every 8 minutes throughout the twenty minutes of processing.  Rinse for ten minutes and apply the neutralizer.  Comb one time when the neutralizer is applied and process for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly and apply Leave-In Conditioner before blow drying.

Results will last four to six months depending on the frequency of shampooing and at home care products.  There is a seventy two hour waiting period for her first shampoo.  Power Build shampoo, conditioner and Aqua Boost Leave-In Conditioner are the products she is taking home for care.   Argan Oil is a product that she will use for the long lengths and ends of her hair.  This is older air and needs extra moisture.  The Leave-Ln Conditioner can also be used on this part of the hair on the days she does not shampoo.  She is very pleased with the results of the organic straight perm.